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Our vision

British Columbia is headed towards an important provincial election. At the same time, our media is in collapse. Newsrooms continue to shrink and consolidate under the control of fewer and fewer corporations, and some communities are left without any local reporting at all. We believe we all deserve solid, in-depth reporting about our government’s track record, delivered by media who are answerable first and foremost to readers.

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When you join Tyee Builders, your money goes directly to paying experienced, tough-minded journalists to work on election-related investigations. With your help, The Tyee will get started right away on deep research that will map out powerful players in British Columbia, and in-depth investigations on topics voted on by the Tyee Builder community.

About The Tyee

We're an independent, online news magazine from British Columbia. We're devoted to fact-driven reporting and analysis that informs and enlivens our democratic conversation. Our reporting has garnered numerous awards and the respect of our peers and readers. While some journalism gives the last word to power, we try to give the last word to ordinary folks.

UPDATE: Wow! Tyee readers helped us reach our initial $50,000, with days left. With an extra $15,000, we’ll be able to do even more investigations prioritized by the Tyee Builder community and provide our reporters with budgets for things like videos, travel, and more.

Support B.C. in the Balance: The Voter’s Deep Guide to the 2017 Election

We’ve got a big election coming this spring in B.C. It’s rare that one party has run things for so long – a decade and half. Their actions have made a huge impact on every British Columbian’s health, education and prospects for a better life.

By now, it’s a very deep file. Fifteen years of sweeping policies, promises, boondoggles and scandals. Old news? That’s what other media will say. They seem to prefer to just…forget.

At The Tyee we are determined, this election, to combat Media Amnesia. That means our election reporting starts today, with the launch of a five month project.

With your support, we will deliver:

  1. Deep research into BC’s elite power connections, mapped out in plain view
  2. A series of in-depth investigations on key issues in the upcoming election, voted on by Tyee Builders

What will the investigations focus on? That’s partially up to you. During the three weeks of this fundraising campaign, we’re interested in hearing what our readers would like us to dig into. At the conclusion of the campaign, people who gave to the fundraising campaign will get to vote on where we should direct our attention. How many issues we dig in to depends on how much we raise.

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“Free expression and independent media are essential to a fair and open society. Now more than ever, we need publications like The Tyee to amplify critical voices and keep people informed.”

—Tom Henheffer, Executive Director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

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—Stuart Poyntz, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University

“I support The Tyee because its reporters are brave, independent and smart as hell — and because now is a critical time to hold government accountable to its promises”

—Naomi Klein

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