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Our vision

Canada is undergoing radical change at a time when our national media is in collapse. In two years there will be another federal election. Canada needs more diverse reporting to inform that democractic moment -- reporting that cares more about your values than shareholder profits. That's what The Tyee has done for more than 10 years in B.C., garnering numerous reporting awards and a loyal readership. So, join us now and together we'll bring this spirit to the national conversation.

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For years, politicians have been playing with you. Now it's your turn to play with them. In anticipation of the 2015 federal election, we present The Party Leader Paper Dolls. Just a little gift from the political nerds at The Tyee to the political nerds who subscribe at $15/month or higher levels. Prorogue away, parliamentary puppet master! See the dolls...

Some of the writers standing ready...

Stevie Cameron

Award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author. Best known for her exposure of the Mulroney government's Airbus Affair and her extensive coverage of the Pickton murders and trials.

Lawrence Martin

Columnist for, and former bureau chief in Washington & Moscow of, the Globe and Mail. Author of 10 books, including Harperland: The Politics of Control and Iron Man: The Defiant Reign of Jean Chrétien.

Heather Mallick

Take-no-prisoners columnist for the Toronto Star. Also contributes to the CBC and the Guardian. Winner of two National Newspaper Awards for features and critical writing.

Andrew Nikiforuk

Winner of seven National Magazine Awards. Top honours from the Association of Canadian Journalists. Author of four books, including the bestselling The Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of the Continent.

Jonathan Sas

Director of research at the Broadbent Institute. Former reporter and editor at The Mark. Outspoken critic of media concentration and commercialization in Canada. Sauvé Scholar (2012).

Judith Sayers

Former elected chief of the Hupacsath First Nation. Assistant professor of law and business at UVic. National Aboriginal Economic Development Chair. Thoughtful writer, insightful thinker.

Why now?

In the last two years, federal scientists have been muzzled, far-reaching trade deals have been negotiated in secret, environmental programs have been slashed, and inequality has increased. At the same time, the oil and gas industry has held unprecedented sway in the public policy of the nation. The next federal election is in two years. The time for tough, fact-driven reporting is now.

Who are we?

We're an independent, online news magazine from BC. We're devoted to fact-driven reporting and analysis that informs and enlivens our democratic conversation. Our reporting has garnered numerous awards and the respect of our peers and readers. While some journalism gives the last word to power, we try to give the last word to ordinary folks. Go to The Tyee...

Who's with us?

A number of civil-society groups are supporting our bid to bring more independent reporting to the national conversation. The list includes Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, FairVote Canada, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Council of Canadians and many more. See the full list...

Supporters of independent media, strong.