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Who are we?

We're an independent, online news magazine from BC founded in 2003. We're devoted to fact-driven stories, reporting and analysis that informs and enlivens our democratic conversation. Our reporting has changed laws, started movements and garnered numerous awards and the respect of our peers and readers. While some journalism gives the last word to power, we try to give the last word to ordinary folks.

Since 2009, Tyee Builders have pitched in to hire extra reporters, boost our coverage of provincial and federal election campaigns, and help grow The Tyee while other newsrooms shrink. Join Tyee Builders and together, let’s make good news.

Our vision

Canada is facing major challenges ahead. At the same time, our national media is in collapse. Newsrooms continue to shrink and consolidate under the control of fewer and fewer corporations, and there are fewer journalists asking tough questions of those in power. We believe that our democratic conversation is made possible by strong, independent media, who exist first and foremost to serve the needs of its readers.

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By contributing to The Tyee on a monthly basis, you are helping to strengthen and grow our team of fierce, tough-minded journalists and editors. Tyee Builders who give every month allow our small and nimble team to plan ahead, and produce original stories that you will not see anywhere else. We don’t put our articles behind paywalls, so your contribution helps to keep our stories open and available to everyone.

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“I support The Tyee because its reporters are brave, independent and smart as hell — and because now is a critical time to hold government accountable to its promises”

Naomi Klein